THE KRENTZ ODYSSEY: The Capital Chapter
Matt and Mike ran the Navy 5-Miler on Sept 28, 2008.  This was the first time they competed together and Matt crossed the finish line 19 minutes ahead of his proud dad.
Mike, Kathy, and Matt Krentz returned to the United States on July 11, 2008, after living in Japan for two years.  Will they survive Reverse Culture Shock?  Will their friends and relatives recognize them?  Will Kathy find a new hairstylist? 

We expect to be stationed in Washington, D.C. until Matt graduates from high school in June 2010.  We hope all our friends and relatives will take advantage of this opportunity to visit our nation's Capital.  You can explore the wonderful monuments, memorials, museums, cemeteries, gardens, and restaurants without spending a penny on hotels because you can stay with us!  We're living right next to a Metro (subway) station just a mile from the Library of Congress and Capitol Building.  Our house has a separate basement apartment so you can see as little (or as much) of us as you want.
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